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📌Question: Who recently won the Best Actress Oscar for the movie The Eyes of Tammy Faye'?
👉Answer is: Jessica Chastain
📌Question: The aboriginal flag of which country was designed in 1971 by Harold Thomas?
👉Answer is: Australia
📌Question: Which country successfully tested its Hwasong-12 missiles in 2022?
👉Answer is: North Korea
📌Question: Who invented the chocolate chip flavour of this food item?
👉Answer is: Ruth Wakefield
📌Question: Which country is the largest producer of this dairy product?
👉Answer is: India
📢What is an amazon quiz?
👉Amazon releases a new quiz every day. if anyone answers the question asked by amazon, they can participate. you will be notified by amazon if you are the winner. Now we will tell you how to answer these questions.   
👉Step 1. First, you open your mobile.
👉Step 2. Download the Amazon app on your mobile from the Google Play Store.
👉Step 3. Amazon mobile app Open after Register/Login. (Amazon account)
👉Step 4. Go to the Amazon app home page and you will see the "Amazon Quiz" banner.
👉Step 5. Now click on its menu button. Click programs and features after click FunZone
👉Step 6. View all quizzes (Play Now). Select any quiz and click
👉Step 7. After one by one answer submit in amazon mobile app.
👉Step 8. Winners notified by amazon. (Check email address or phone call or notification)
👉Step 9. Win Check Amazon mobile app. (Lucky draw winners List)
👉Step 10. For more information (Quiz Related Terms and Conditions Check on Amazon website)
- Special Thanks For Amazon